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PhD Theses of the Research Group of Prof. Dr. A. Bechthold

Dr. rer. nat. Desirèe Nuzzo

Freiburg, 2021

Investigation of c-di-GMP metabolizing enzymes from Streptomyces ghanaensis ATCC14672

Dr. rer. nat. Mirjam Bernhardt

Freiburg, November 2020

Investigations on the biosynthesis and transport of natural products from Streptomyces

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/170164

Dr. rer. nat. Fabienne Gutacker

Freiburg, Oktober 2020

Characterization of the glycosyltransferase Sace_3599 from Saccharopolyspora erythraea NRRL2338

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/167825

Dr. rer. nat. Sören Hammelmann

Freiburg, 2020

Identification of new factors for stratification of acute myeloid leukemias with indolent or aggressive course (with Prof. Dierks)

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/175818

Dr. rer. nat. Ahmad Alali

Freiburg, Oktober 2020

Investigations on cyclization steps and third ring oxygenation in rishirilid biosynthesis

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/169918

Dr. rer. nat. Jing Zhu

Freiburg, Juli 2019

Discovery of bioactive natural products from actinomycetes by inactivation and heterologous expression of biosynthetic gene clusters

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/149619

Dr. rer. nat. Philipp Schwarzer

Freiburg, Juni 2019

Investigations on the biosynthesis of rishirilides with special reference to the early biosynthetic steps

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/149885

Dr. rer. nat. Deubel, Denise

Freiburg, April 2018

Investigations on the Biosynthesis of Foxicin from Streptomyces diastatochromogenes Tü6028 and Analyzes of similar Biosynthetic Gene Clusters from Streptomyces sp..

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/15448

Dr. rer. nat. Zhang, Songya

Freiburg, April 2018

Genomics, Proteomics and Secondary Metabolites Biosynthesis Research on Streptomyces asterosporus DSM 41452

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/15515

Dr. rer. nat. Erber, Astrid

Freiburg, June 2017

Investigations on luciferase-like Monooxygenases, Flavin Reductases and Ketoreductases from the Mensacarcin Producer Streptomyces bottropensis

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/12756

Dr. rer. nat. Hackl, Stefanie

Freiburg, April 2017

Investigations on the Biosynthesis of the nonribosomal Peptide WS9326A and the influence of BldA on the Transcriptome and Proteome of Streptomyces calvus

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/12344

Dr. rer. nat. Samra, Suzan

Freiburg, December 2016

In vivo and silico Studies in Saccharothrix espanaensis, Streptomyces albus and Aspergillus nidulans

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/11427

Dr. rer. nat. Greule, Anja

Freiburg, November 2016

Searching new bioactive Secondary Metabolites from Actinomycetes

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/11422

Dr. rer. nat. Schmidt-Bohli, Yvonne-Isolde

Freiburg, June 2016

Molecular Biological and Biochemical Studies on Saccharothrix espanaensis, Saccharopolyspora erythraea and Kitasatospora sp. 152608

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/11090

Dr. rer. nat. Zuo, Chijian

Freiburg, May 2016

Investigations on the Biosynthesis of Rishirilides

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/10954

kDr. rer. nat. Derochefort, Jana

Freiburg, February 2016

Studies on the Biosynthesis of Rishirilide

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/10604

Dr. rer. nat. Santillana Larraona, Irene

Freiburg, July 2015

Investigations on ABC and MFS transporters of Streptomyces spp.

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/10171

Dr. rer. nat. Heitzler, Tanja

Freiburg, June 2015

Aktinomycete Secondary Metabolites: Biosynthesis and Regulation Studies and Verification of a custom Sequencing Method

DOI: 10.6094/UNIFR/10166

Dr. rer. nat. Maier, Sarah

Freiburg, June 2014

Investigations on Didesmethylmensacarcin Biosynthesis with special Emphasis on the Function of MsnO8

URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:25-opus-96441

Dr. rer. nat. Gessner, Arne

Freiburg, February 2014

Investigations how to influence the Secondary Metabolism of Streptomycetes by the bldA Gene bldA-Ge

URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:25-opus-94200

Dr. rer. nat. Wunsch-Palasis, Julia

Freiburg, May 2013

In silico and in vitro Studies of Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis in Actinomycetes especially focussed on the Rishirilide Biosynthesis in Streptomyces bottropensis

Dr. rer. nat. Siegl, Theresa

Freiburg, February 2013

Generation and Characterisation of new Molecular Tools for Actinomycetes including a Synthetic Promoter Library

Dr. rer. nat. Strobel, Tina

Freiburg, January 2013

Genomic and Molecular Biological Analyses of the Biotransformation Host Saccharothrix espanaensis

Dr. rer. nat. Hardter, Uwe

Freiburg, January 2013

Ethanol Production in Streptomycetes, Investigation on Biosynthesis of Didesmethylmensacarcin, Expression of a Sucrose Synthase in Streptomycetes

Dr. rer. nat. Yan, Xiaohui

Freiburg, July 2012

Investigations of the Biosynthesis of Ganefromycins and Rishirilides

Dr. rer. nat. Herrmann, Simone

Freiburg, July 2011

Characteristics of the Cre / loxp System: Applications in actinomycetes and molecular biology Studies on Phenalinolactone Biosynthesis

Dr. rer. nat. Probst, Katharina

Freiburg, July 2011

Investigations on Biosynthesis of Didesmethylmensacarcin

Dr. rer. nat. Härle, Johannes

Freiburg, June 2011

Protein Design of a C-Glycosyltransferase & E. coli toxin MazF as a molecular biological Tool in Streptomycetesn

Dr. rer. nat. Petzke, Lutz

Freiburg, July 2010

Transgenesis in Streptomycetes: Transposons, Recombinases and Meganucleases

Dr. rer. nat. Günther, Andreas

Freiburg, July 2010

Molecular Biological Studies on Avilamycin Biosynthesis and Isolation of Avilamycin resistant Actinomycetes

Dr. rer. nat. Schneider, Patrick

Freiburg, December 2009

Investigation of the Biosynthesis of Terrechinone A, Atromentin and Ralfuranonen

Dr. rer. nat. Weiss, Holger

Freiburg, July 2009

Cloning of new Glycosyltransferases from Actinomycetes and Characterization of two Polyketide Biosynthetic Gene Clusters from Streptomyces aureofaciens Tü117 and Streptomyces lydicus ssp.tanzaniuss

Dr. rer. nat. Daum, Martina

Freiburg, Juli 2009

Modifying Enzymatic Reactions in the Biosynthesis of the Antibiotically Active Natural Products Phenalinolactone and Polyketomycin

Dr. rer. nat. Misiek, Mathias

Freiburg, July 2009

Investigation of Armillylorsellinat Biosynthesis from the Phytopathogen Armillaria mellea for easy Evaluation of its Virulence

Dr. rer. nat. Erb, Annette

Freiburg, May 2009

Investigations of the Biosynthesis of Oligosaccharide-Antibiotics from Actinomycetes

Dr. rer. nat. Linnenbrink, Anton

Freiburg, May 2009

Production of glycosylated Natural Products by Biotransformation in Saccharothrix espanaensis and functional Characterization of three Polyketide Biosynthetic Gene Clusters from the Mensacarcin Producer Streptomyces sp. Gö C4 / 4

Dr. rer. nat. Peintner, Iris

Freiburg, July 2008

Molecular Biological Monooxygenases as post-PKS modifying Enzymes in the Aromatic Polyketide Biosynthesis of Polyketomycin and Simocyclinone D8

Dr. rer. nat. Krauth, Christine

Freiburg, July 2008

Specificity Studies of Glycosyltransferases on the Example of Landomycin Biosynthesis

URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:25-opus-54133

Dr. rer. nat. Schnell, Hans-Jörg

Freiburg, December 2007

Investigations on Biosynthesis of Phenalinolactone from Streptomyces species Tü6071

Dr. rer. nat. Frerich, Anke

Freiburg, August 2006

Molecular Biological Studies on the Biosynthesis of Glycosidated Drugs

Dr. rer. nat. Berner, Martin

Freiburg, July 2006

Molecular Biological Studies on the Biosynthesis of the Oligosaccharide Antibiotics Saccharomicin A and B in Saccharothrix espanaensis

Dr. rer. nat. Dürr, Clemens

Freiburg, December 2005

Investigation of Phenalinolactone Biosynthesis and Characterization of the irregular Glycosyltransferases UrdGT2 and AviGT4

Dr. rer. nat. Boll, Raija

Freiburg, November 2005

Investigations on the Biosynthesis and Regulation of Oligosaccharide-Antibiotics

Dr. rer. nat. Bihlmaier, Corina

Freiburg, November 2005

Polyenantibiotics from Streptomycetes - Molecular Biology Studies on the Biosynthesis of Simocyclinone and a-Lipomycins

Dr. rer. nat. Hornung, Andreas

Berlin/Freiburg, November 2005

Halogenases of Actinomycetes: Functional und phylogenetics Studies

Dr. rer. nat. Hofmann, Carsten

Freiburg, July 2005

Characterization of novel Avilamycin Derivatives and Clinical Trial for Antibiotic Sequential Therapy in Patients with Neutropenic Fever

Dr. rer. nat. Mayer, Almuth

Freiburg, July 2005

Investigations on  Function and Specifity of Glycosyltransferases

Dr. rer. nat. Treede, Irina 

Freiburg, December 2004

Elucidation of the Function of two rRNA Methyltransferases and Studies on the Eurekanat Biosynthesis in Streptomyces viridochromogenes Tü57

Dr. rer. nat. Weitnauer, Gabriele

Tübingen, July 2002

Methyl Transfer in Streptomyces viridochromogenes Tü57 - Small Change, Significant Effect

Dr. rer. nat. Hoffmeister, Dirk 

Freiburg, May 2002

Investigations on Desoxy Sugar Biosynthesis and Transfer in Streptomyces fradiae Tü2717

Dr. rer. nat. Trefzer, Axel 

Tübingen, 2002

Construction of a Glycosyltransferase Gene Library and its Use in Combinatorial Biosynthesis

Dr. rer. nat. Domann, Silvie 

Tübingen, March 2000

Investigations on Mechanism of Action and on the Biosynthesis of the Desoxy Sugars D-Olivose und L-Rhodinose in the Angucyclin-Antibiotics Landomycin A und Urdamycin A

Dr. rer. nat. Faust, Bettina 

Tübingen, February 2000

Investigations on the Biosynthesis of Urdamycin A and Production of new Natural Products via Molecular Biological Methods

Dr. rer. nat. Gaisser, Sibylle 

Tübingen, August 1998

Molecular Biological and Biochemical Studies on Avilamycin Biosynthesis and Resistance in Streptomyces viridochromogenes Tü57